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Shanti Bohemian 2nd Anniversary Faire (2)

As my promises to give a sneak peak on Shanti Bohemian New Releases, celebrating Our 2nd Anniversary, and here they are :)...
Pic1 : Shanti Rock Me Baby Mod Dress ( 5 sizes ) Pic 3 : Shanti Music Lover Outfit ( 5 sizes ) Pic 5 : Shanti Fire Hippie Long Blouse ( 5 sizes )
Remember to mark the calendar, event will be held on November 10-17, 2014, music, prizes, gatcha and many more, see you all there ^_^.

Direct slurl to Shanti Bohemian Store here.


Celebrating 2nd Anniversary Shanti Bohemian has some New Releases,  the event will be held on November 10-17, 2014. There will be many gifts, sales, raffles and music and more, don't miss it!
Here I share one of the New Release, Shanti Milk and Honey Short Hippie Dress Mesh in 5 sizes.
Another New Releases come up soon ;) don't forget mark your calendar for this event....:)

Lullaby's Wearing :
Shanti Bohemian  : Milk and Honey Hippie Dress Mesh Analog Dog Hair : Qake - Light Red (from Marketplace) Bracelet : Sarah Bracelet - Zuri Rayna (Group Gift)